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Just for fun, while listening to Big L. why not test your brain works.
Ten questions on anything my mind thinks, for your brain to guest!
Plus to make it fun, and play along, why not add your ten answers

(01) Who hosted the 9am to 1pm slot on Big L1395 when they started in May 2005 ?
(02) What radio station hosted the Basildon Town Request Show in 1966?
(03) Who now hosts the 7am to Noon Show on BigL 2?
(04) Name the afternoon show from 2pm to 4pm on Radio Caroline, during Spring 1964?
(05) Is it true Joan Stafford recorded I be Seeing you, in 1944 ?
(06) What long raining UK soap has running for 30 years?
(07) Is it true, Pink Floyd recorded ‘The Dark Side Of Mars ?
(08) What time did, Radio London’s Fab Forty show first go out on Sundays in early 1965 ?
(09) Who was ‘Born with a smile on your face’ in 1974?
(10) What was the sister station of Britain Radio 355?

TEN TOO TEST YOUR MIND (03) more next week
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