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PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:01 am
by BigL Bas Man
by BigL Bas Man
With over 21,000 hit tunes from over 60 years plus, you can be assured your hear your fave tune on the best great music entertainment station, where the class is always of high standard. Thats the BIG L YOU KNOW!

Plus of course listeners to the station can be promised they won’t have too wait long to hear there all year all time fave songs, with two super music stations. Big L1 playing all those big hits from almost the start of the top 20‘s in the early 1950s, to the early 1980s. Plus if you like your tunes a little more up to date, Big L 2 plays the best hits from the 1980s to present day. The tunes from today all hand picks to please everyone.
So to enjoy more of your fave tunes join us here every weekend to singalong to those great hits from all our childhood days. We got three faves from years gone by. Some even with the song line words. So just enjoy these great hits, and remember you only gotta go on line at Big L at or or check the station out on your fave tablet/laptops, and of course on the the fastest growing radio around your way.....the internet!
where ever you are to listen to more great hits on your fun packed best station...Wonderful Big L! and enjoy this weeks great to sing along too…and for fun to guess the tunes with these clues:

CLUE 1 Just for Kev’s Thanks!
CLUE 2 How many times!
CLUE 3 Person of the city they named twice!


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