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Postby BigL Bas Man » Fri Dec 05, 2014 5:59 pm

Hey as some nosier band would shout ‘Its CCCCCCCCCCCCCChristmas!
So lets use all try and creature THE FOBL FAB FORTY Chris’s Version

All we gotta do is add to this is list your fave four Christmas tunes, and to make a bit of fun if you want add your name and just email me you fave four to: or if I receive enough, I get someone to pick a name out of the Hat, and they could win a gift!
AIR SUPPLY - Sleigh Ride
One of those really really great yum mm tune with the feel good feel. One of my chat mates in Aussie, got this played for me, on one of there radio station a few Christmas’s ago, and wow they was well happy cause during the week building up to Christmas, the summer temps was around 36C, but dropped well down on Christmas Eve, the person emailed to me saying we are having an Aussie Britain’s Christmas, yunny food, and the HMS Queen.
WHAM - Last Christmas
Wasn’t really keen of this ‘pop twosome’ but there big 1980‘s chrissy disc, Last Christmas, really always sets the good time feeling.Christmas works party, me being Father Chrissy’ Mr,
for own company’s socal club Christmas Family night! the bit funny was as they kids was coming up to me for a prissy, I heard a little, say to mate, ‘its daddy’s, friend the guy that likes Radio Caroline!
MICHAEL BUBLE - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Is this guy in years too come, entering becoming the Frank Sinatra, could be.
The guy can mix great tunes from yesterday too present day hits.
GLEE - Rock in’ Around The Christmas Tree
Kinda a newest version of the Brenda Hit , hit in the 1950s. They do it proud the people who love dancing to those great seasonal fave.

Anyone else having a go!, you may find some internet softwave ,may not play the the copies!
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