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Re: Norderney

Postby Coastie » Fri Sep 26, 2014 12:29 am

192metres wrote:
Coastie wrote:The Caroline Transistor radio which my Brother had was bigger than that and was more "sideways" than the one in the piccy. I'll see if I can find a piccy of one like it.
Yep! Would be great, thanks!

The Radio Veronica 192 transistor radio had only 1 channel/frequency: 192 metres/1.562 kHz. (today 1.566 kHz.). At daytime a clear frequency, however in the evenings Radio Beromünster from Switzerland (a relais transmitter from 531 kHz.) was interfering.
When it was rumoured that this relais station would boost it's output power from 160 kW. to 600 kW., Radio Veronica (who had a 10 kW. transmitter) moved -with a huge advertising campaign- in 1972 to 538 metres (557 kHz.), and this 1-frequency transistor radio became useless.
Weird: when I was on holidays in Switzerland in 1973, 192 m./1.562 kHz. was still a clear frequency...
And on 538 metres/557 KHz. was also Capital Radio in London with 1 kW., and a CW beacon from France: so, 3 stations on 1 frequency the whole day... brrr.

If that was the case then why give it a dial as it so obviously has? Surely all it would need is an on/off/ volume control?

TBF, I do remember Red Rose 301 giving away vhf (fm) receivers in the 80's (sponsored by Pepsi IIRC) which only had the Red Rose VHF frequency. (100.?)
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Re: Norderney

Postby 192metres » Fri Sep 26, 2014 8:14 am

Coastie wrote:If that was the case then why give it a dial as it so obviously has? Surely all it would need is an on/off/ volume control?.?)
The Radio Veronica 1,562 kc transistor radio's (made in China) had just on/off and volumeknob.

Image Image

Today 1,562 kc is 1,566 kc (kHz.).

According to me this was also a 1 frequency transistor radio ('199' = 199 metres / 1,507 kc):


Schema 6 transistor with Xtal (1 frequency):

Maybe another topic: radio's with dials with pirate radio stations on it. Example: Radio Caroline, Radio Veronica and Radio North Sea (in red):


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