YouTube: Errol Bruce, The Real Pirate Radio Story

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YouTube: Errol Bruce, The Real Pirate Radio Story

Postby MikeB » Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:54 pm

51 minute interview with Errol Bruce, R Caroline North/South and Swinging © name.

Includes in Part Two a recording of him on the last day of Swinging © name.

He says in Part Three that one of the stations he was on, not made clear which one, had a boarding party who removed their transmitter crystals so they were off the air for two or three days, says it wasn't from any of the other pirates
and claims they were from a government agency?

Halfway through Part Three he starts talking about UFO's and continues on that theme until the end of the interview.

Link to Part One with the other parts linked on the right hand side:
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